Who we are...

Who we are...
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charmed by choice, the blog has been a long thoughtful walk through choices. Ultimately, choices to be resilient.
Our family is one of the thousands of real life examples from this recession ...
we have experienced jobloss, mounting debt, property depreciation....
After spending some time hovering in the freak out mode...we have decided there is a choice to be made.
We can choose to stare at all that's challenging us,
or search and concentrate on all the incredible examples of resiliency.
Come along and be amazed at how many people live resiliently...
recovering finacially, emotionally, physically, spiritually...
We've all been told not to stare... but I invite you to stare at all that's resilient.
Let's be inspired and inspire each other.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Opportunites added!

Thanks to my mom, I have some new additions to the blog!
Check out the newly added store in the left column under
Shop on Purpose ...
This Shirt Helps and it's blog to your right, under My Blog List.

In many ways the web store is what I want to grow our business into. Although their product line is all T Shirts, the concept of every purchase linking directly to support specific causes is in line with where I want to take Charmed By Choice.

As has been the trend in seeking positive sources... one good thing lead to another.

This Shirt Helps blog introduced me to Smile Squared. Another amazing social entrepreneurship that is helping children and adults around the world. It's also been added to Shop on Purpose in the left column.

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