Who we are...

Who we are...
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charmed by choice, the blog has been a long thoughtful walk through choices. Ultimately, choices to be resilient.
Our family is one of the thousands of real life examples from this recession ...
we have experienced jobloss, mounting debt, property depreciation....
After spending some time hovering in the freak out mode...we have decided there is a choice to be made.
We can choose to stare at all that's challenging us,
or search and concentrate on all the incredible examples of resiliency.
Come along and be amazed at how many people live resiliently...
recovering finacially, emotionally, physically, spiritually...
We've all been told not to stare... but I invite you to stare at all that's resilient.
Let's be inspired and inspire each other.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Connecting to overcome with love, with compassion....

Have you ever seen those commercials on TV asking for a dollar a day to help a child across the globe? Or perhaps you’ve tried to get your kids to eat their vegetables by using the phrase,
“Do you know there are kids starving in Africa who have no food?”
Maybe you’ve even thought,
“It’s unfortunate that children are hurting, but there’s not really any tangible way I can help.”
Decide to follow the compassion international blog and see the difference an everyday choice can make in the life of a child,  Transform their lives not only in the day to day needs, but realize the change in their opportunities for a lifetime.

Courtesy of Compassion International: http://blog.compassion.com/let-the-child-sponsorship-journey-begin/#ixzz21irNZ4As

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