Who we are...

Who we are...
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charmed by choice, the blog has been a long thoughtful walk through choices. Ultimately, choices to be resilient.
Our family is one of the thousands of real life examples from this recession ...
we have experienced jobloss, mounting debt, property depreciation....
After spending some time hovering in the freak out mode...we have decided there is a choice to be made.
We can choose to stare at all that's challenging us,
or search and concentrate on all the incredible examples of resiliency.
Come along and be amazed at how many people live resiliently...
recovering finacially, emotionally, physically, spiritually...
We've all been told not to stare... but I invite you to stare at all that's resilient.
Let's be inspired and inspire each other.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

One Great Resource ... Two Positive Choice Articles!

Dear loyal readers and
new fans, if you're scrolling back in time at former blog posts...
You may ask...
So what happened to Monday October 17th?  Was the Monday Media series over? 
The simple answer....
Technical difficulties! 
Good news, problem solved.
My choice moving into Monday October 24? 
I am sharing 1 great local media, with 2 intentional choice challenging articles inside!
A great local (Michiana readers) resource and best of all, it's complimentary! 
FAMILY Magazines of Michiana

In the October 2011 issue you will find...
The Compliment Challenge  Changing the World One Compliment at a Time by Kathy Friend ( page 34-35)

As a subject of choice, it's clearly more than, quick think of something nice to say... It's an opportunity to change your thought process, change your thought focus and spark that change in others.  The reason that genuine supportive encouragement makes a difference, is that it can operate on the principle that our thoughts about ourselves and others have incredible tangible results.  Thank you Kathy for the challenge, reminding us to be intentional about what we choose to notice, comment on and recall.

Also included in the October 2011 issue...
Being An Inspiration by Charrise McCrorey (36-37)

This article is focused on the choice to 1st be inspired then to inspire others.  Seeking inspiration for me, is inseparable from gratitude.  I believe it is difficult to be amazed by all that's available for inspiration in our world and in others without quickly moving to appreciation.  For more inspiration go to Charrise's blog...   http://www.coachcharrise.com/blog/
Thank you Charrise for your blog... now added to my blog list on the right side, for regular revisiting.

I am grateful for the complimentary magazine.  I am grateful for both articles.  As a baseline, I believe that "coincidence" is generally "by design"  so I believe it was no  mistake that the articles are found back to back.  They both remind us to slow down, choose to focus in and notice what's positive, realizing we choose whether to be led around by the nose in a reactive state of all that's wrong or could be wrong or to be proactive, charmed by what we find around us in the world, in others and even inside ourselves.
Enjoy Your day~

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